Thursday, 13 December 2018

Prize Giving Singing

So proud of how you all sang today at the prize giving. Mrs Roberts kindly took a couple of photos - thank you so much. Great job Eden and Aurelia our "choir leaders".

 Looking very serious in this part!

Friday, 7 December 2018

Week 9 Term 4

Where has this year gone? We have all developed so many new skills. It was especially exciting to see how easily everyone was able to confidently chat with the guests at the Cafe.

Junior School Christmas Crafts: Monday 10th & Wednesday 12th
In Room 3 we will be making pine cone Christmas trees. I have gathered a few cones - some are a better shape than others. They need to be a bit pointy but also be open so that we can decorate them. If you want to gather a few that would be great.
Does anyone have any old beads that they don't want any more? - we will use these as baubles on our trees.

Monday 10th: Mufti Mania Day
The cultural leaders are raising funds for a school in Fiji. Dress up as your favourite book character - bring the book too if you have it, and a coin as your donation.

Tuesday 11th: Graduation Mass beginning at 5pm
Please wear correct school uniform and this includes shoes. This is the moment when we farewell our Year 8 students as they begin their high school years. An item for the Community Foodbank would be really apppreciated as families in need are given a few treats at this time of year.

Thursday 13th: Prizegiving in the church at 1pm.

Student Council have boxes of batteries for sale, individual packets $5 - could be useful for those Christmas presents. See Chrissy in the office - the more we sell, the closer we are to having that swing.

Alexandra Musical Society Children's Theatre - 2019 production - 9th-14th April

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Auditions are Saturday 15th December. Contact Trevor Goudie 034489485 or

Rehearsals will start in February. So many of you really strutted your stuff in Aladdin - give this a go.

Gosh guess this is probably the last posting for 2018. Can we take this opportunity to thank all of you for the support of your children's learning over the course of the year. We really appreciate this.

Wishing you all a relaxing family time over the Christmas season, and may all your dreams come true in 2019.

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Christmas Cafe Photos and Thank yous

Thank you so much to Holly and Donna who helped with the food on Wednesday, to Vanessa who came for the afternoon & also Jess later.
Thank you Maria for the surprise of your very special baking to share with our guests.
Room 6 'wrappers', platter-uppers and  tea/coffee makers - your help was invaluable - we wouldn't have been able to do without you.
Thanks also to Loretta for helping to deliver the invitations, for the lovely cake and sorting the hot water supply.
The beautiful gifts were made by the children during their clay making with Mrs Laidlaw - thank you for the wonderful arty idea - you are just amazing!
"Many hands makes light work"

Thank you Room 3, you were fantastic hosts who got to meet new friends to say hi to in the street. You were charming to your guests and provided wonderful musical entertainment. Well done!
Mrs Chrissy was impressed with your skills as you greeted and directed people to Room 3 - wonderful to hear.

Quinn, thank you so much for bringing your train to share - so many people enjoyed watching it chug around the track.

Remember a special smile is a "God wink" and brightens people's day.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Christmas Cafe

Christmas Cafe is 2pm Thursday not Wednesday as stated in the school newsletter. Oops1!

Sunday, 2 December 2018



Cricket coaching
Wear sports gear

Water day 1.30pm.

Togs, towels sunscreen.
water guns, sprinklers,
Pools  - If anyone has paddling pools they could bring, that would be great.
All children welcome to bring any form of water gun.(Please name these.)


Clock Trip

Yippee, we have enough adults to cover our ratios. Will be a hot walk but all looking forward to it.

EOTC Trip to the Clock

At this stage, owing to insufficient Room 3 parents help we will not be joining Rooms 2 & 7 on the 'clock adventure' today. Let me know urgently if you are available.