Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Friday 15th March - Colour Your Day

On Friday we will join lots of other schools throughout NZ and remember those who lost their lives tragically last Friday. Wear bright clothing
Please note that red is the least culturally appropriate colour from the perspective of the Muslim community.
Please bring a gold coin donation.

Monday, 18 March 2019

Week 7 Term 1

 Monday morning prayer was special this week with a prayer service led by Father Vaughan in the church.

Wednesday - School Mass 9 am lead by  Room 1


The school triathlon is happening on Thursday 21st March from 12:30-2:30pm. We will be starting the first race at approx. 12.40pm. Please check your children’s bikes and that their helmets fit properly over the next few days.

VOLUNTEER HELP: If you are able to help with course marshalling please email Mr Yeoman (ollieyeoman@stgerards.school.nz) asap . It is important that we have plenty of parents around the course to ensure all children are safe at all times and of course to support the children. The more helpers we have the better and safer the race is for everyone.

CLOTHING: -Please be sure to come to school in the correct clothing:
-Years 5 – 8: School sports uniform and track suit
-Years 1 – 4. School sports uniform and green trackpants/warm clothes. -
School sunhats are compulsory, so be sure to have yours at school.

TIMETABLE: -Lunch will be at 11:30.
-We will all be leaving school at 12.10pm.
-Years 5 – 8 will ride their bikes to the pool with Mrs Lyon and Mrs Wright
-Years 1-4 will travel by bus, their bikes will need to be dropped directly to the pool at 12:15.
NOTE this is year groups not room numbers.

-There will be an event briefing at 12:30 with the first race starting at 12.40pm.
-Every child will be competing in the triathlon in the following age groups and in this order:
Yr 5-8 Competitive (Yr 5&6 first, then Yr 7&8)
Yr 1&2 Yr 3&4 Yr 5-8 Non-Competitive

TRANSITIONS: There will be marshals at each of the Transitions, Mrs Beilby & Mrs Lyon at the run/bike and Mrs Flannery inside the pool.

We ask that parents please stay out of the transition areas, there will be help available to your children if they need it. It would be helpful though to have parents remove bikes as soon as possible from the area.

POOL ENTRY: Children may only access the pool through the rear doors. This is the understanding that we have within our pool hire agreement. All parents must use the normal pool entrance and stay clear of the rear doors. 

PICK UP: Children and bikes are to be picked up from the pool after the event at approx. 2.30-2.45pm please. rom the pool. Any bus children will be brought back to school by staff.

Assembly 2:10 on Friday will be lead by Room 4.

Keep up with those alphabet books - we are all getting pretty competent at making 'clean' sounds for each letter and now we are learning to make each letter correctly by using the Casey Caterpillar instructions. We have been making BIG letters in the air. Please make sure that when practising, tall letters all start from the top - quite a few sneaky bottom to top writers in Room 3. Let's get this sorted so that we can write quickly. It's easier to learn to do this correctly to begin with as relearning a bad habit is trickier.

Have a great week.


Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Class Representatives for 2019

We are looking for new class reps for:
Room 6
Room 7
Room 3

What is a Class Rep?

A Class Rep is a parent from your child’s class who has contact details for all other parents in that room, for the purpose of sharing information that is generally related to that class only.  This comes in handy when there are last-minute notifications (such as a cancelled sports event) or when the teacher has a special request for supplies or materials for one reason or another and needs this communicated quickly.
Parents on the receiving end of the texts have found this extremely helpful over the course of the past couple of years, and the job is not too onerous as it is less than once a week that your help would be required, generally speaking.
If you are a parent in one of these rooms and think you could manage this task throughout the year, please let Jen McLean know at 021 2700 760.  We will then set you up with the contact details for each parent and get you up and running. 

This is a PTA initiative. 

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Are there any toasters we could borrow?

Is there anyone who has a toaster that they could bring to camp please? We will need a few on the go to make toast for all the hungry campers

Sunday, 3 March 2019

Week 5 Term 1

Thank you so much to those people who helped with the swimming sports on Thursday.

Well done Liam L for reading at school prayer, Shiloh and Liam A for being prayer leaders and Annabelle who operated the slideshow with help from Bella D. Very proud of how you all stepped up to do these jobs in front of the whole school in the church.

Mrs Flannery will be teaching the class about internet safety on Tuesday afternoon. She will be teaching in our room from 11:15, while I am on classroom release time.

PTA AGM - Tuesday 5th 7pm in the staffroom - see you there.

We celebrate the beginning of Lent on Wednesday with the Ash Wednesday Mass at 9am. Please join us for this special celebration.

This week is Walk and Wheel Week. Please encourage your child to walk or scooter to school especially on Wednesday which is the day we will be recording data for our school.

Wednesday - Group 3 in the school garden with Mrs Baxter.
Anna, Liam L, Paige, Florence, Addison. Thank you so much Mrs Baxter - such wonderful learning happening outside.

Thank you to everyone who has offered to assist with this adventure. We now have enough tents and parents for the overnight stay. A note will come home on Tuesday with the groupings for both overnight and the Friday activities. Attached to this is a fish and chips order form. Please complete this and return it to me as soon as possible. We need the adult orders on this too - (the parents who are staying overnight.) You already have the "what to bring list" and the timetable for the activities.
Room 7 and 3  – can you supply a loaf of sliced bread or breakfast spread or tomato sauce or margarine.
Transport arrangements for the Friday will be that staff will travel on the bus with all children and parents please in vehicles - we will leave this for you to arrange amongst yourselves.
Boat building: after tea we will build boats. These can be done individually or with a group - probably the tent group. Please bring your ideas and items that you think will help the boat to float.

Looking forward to an exciting end to the week.

Keep reading and practising your sounds. Enjoy listening to those books that are being read together at home.

Fingers crossed for the weather.


Please support our wonderful PTA by attending this meeting - you do not have to become a committee member.

The AGM will be held Tuesday 5th March at 7pm in the staffroom.

"Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Week 4 Term 1

It was great to see so many of you at mass today - just as well we were not picnicking in the park, as the wind is very chilly.

ABC books: the last of these are being prepared. A great idea of mine, but it has been time consuming - thank you to those who have helped with this. How to use this book is explained on the front page. The younger readers have had theirs first up as they are not taking home books to read to you yet.

Swimming Sports - Thursday 28th

All students are to be at the pool by 9 am in their house colours. Brightly coloured clothing is great, but please no crepe paper – this marks the pool surroundings when it gets wet. Please make sure that your child has two towels – one for sitting on and using after races and the other to dry down with at the end of the sports. As it is very hot inside the pool, plenty of water should be packed along with a good sized morning tea. Children will be sitting with their houses.

Timetable: championship and non-championship races will begin as soon after 9 am as possible.
9:00 – 10:00 (approximately) championship & non-championship full length races.
10:15 – 10:30ish break for morning tea – Is there someone willing to arrange cuppas for the workers?
10:15 – 11 Junior school sports in the therapeutic pool.
11 – 12 Completion of championship and non-championship full length races. House relays – plus a lane for teachers and staff. Do you want to swim a leg of the parent relay? Is there anyone who can arrange a team of 4? This is a highlight for the kids – come on community!

Note: Parents of Junior school students wishing to watch their children we suggest you come 10 – 11.
Children will travel back to school after 12 by bus.

If you are unable to transport your bus child/children to the pool please let Mrs Beilby know by Wednesday, as staff will transport these children from school to the pool.

Junior School Camp:
Please ensure that your child's notice is returned by tomorrow (Monday). This will help us as we organise tents, supervision etc. Thank you to those people who have returned theirs already.

Last week was a big learning step for me. Thank you to those of you who have set this app up. If anyone needs another copy of the how to set up sheet please let me know. My goal was to post something onto each student's page - nearly!! I will make sure that those whose I didn't quite get to, will have something this week.

School Garden:
Once again Rachael Baxter is willing to work in the school garden on Wednesday afternoons. Room 3 are lucky to work in small groups with the seniors and Rachael. Each child will get the opportunity to get some hands on learning - the roster is on the classroom window. Group 2 will be this week. Thank you so much for offering your skills in this way, Rachael.

Homework books will come home this week. The Studyladder log-in information is there, plus a 1-10 sheet. Please practise counting up to 10 and back down. Use language like what is just before, just after. Which are odd numbers? even numbers? Sheets with 100 will be put into some people's books as we move into the term.

Reading log books:
I haven't used these before, but some people are making great use of all the activities available - Religious Education  as well as the word lists at the back of the book.

Years 1 & 2 will be learning Kapahaka with Ms Tamati after play tomorrow.

March already at the end of the week, where have the first weeks gone?

Have a great week.