Saturday, 23 April 2016

Term 2 Swimming

As there is maintenance being done on the therapeutic pool in the first week of the term, our swim skills programme will not begin in week 1.

We swim at 12:30
Week 2: Tuesday 10th
Week 3: Tuesday 17th, Thursday 19th
Week 4: Tuesday 24th, Thursday 26th
Week 5: Tuesday 31st May, Thursday 2nd June
Week 6: Tuesday 7th June

We have a Maori performance at school on Thursday 12th, so are not able to swim. The pool will endeavour to make up the other lesson from week 1 in term 4.

We will travel by bus to and from the pool, leaving school at 12:15 returning at 1:45.  We will eat lunch after the lesson, as we are sharing a bus with Room 2.

It is expected that all children swim each session.  The pool have asked us to advise that goggles will not be available, so please make sure that you have all your gear each day.

Uniform: girls please wear your school track pants each swimming day - these are available from the uniform shop in the Room 3 corridor.

What Do We Want To Learn About Next Term?

We are thinking about what we want to learn about next in our inquiry - "Where Does Our Food Really Come From?" We had lots of fantastic ideas - many about seeds, but also about how food is farmed and worm farms.  Check out our questions in the classroom.

We got into groups or with a buddy to talk about this, then put all our ideas together.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Morning Programme 15th April 2016

Well here they go, today's very well prepared Morning Programme speakers

Last day for Term 1 and what a fabulous job today's crew did as they presented their various topics.

So, first 'at the lecturn' today was:
Sophie.  Sophie told us all about herself and her family.  Who knew she has lived in 3 towns?  Dunedin, Clyde and Alexandra.

Second today was:
Hayvin.  Hayvin's current event topic sparked some interesting discussion.  He talked to us about Sea Shepherd which is an organisation who since 1977 has worked to prevent ocean creatures from becoming extinct. Hayvin told us how some of the Sea Shepard fleet and it's crew will be risking their lives by spending the next 6 months in Antartica trying to stop illegal whaling.  We hope they are successful!

Following on was:
Amelia.  Amelia gave us a "book review" of "Black Beauty" by Anna Sewell. She read a page about this beautiful horse with one white hoof and a star on head, which was just enough to hook us in.

Next up was:
Mason.  Mason spoke about a very "famous New Zealander," Sir Edmund Hillary.  Sir Edmund Hillary and  Tenzing Norgay were the first climbers to reach the top of Mt Everest which is the highest mountain in the world.  He loved exploring and taking on difficult challenges.  He even drove a tractor to the South Pole.  Did you know Sir Edmund Hillary was the only living person (at the time) to feature on a bank note?

Finally today was:
Charlotte.  Charlotte told us "how to" feed baby lambs that have been orphaned.  She was very detailed and thorough and gave us a demonstration of the angle we need to hold the bottle, so the lamb can drink.  We all felt we would be able to help out and feed lambs following her instructions.

Well done room 3 on an awesome Term 1 of Morning Programme Presentations.   A big thank you to the parents also for the part you have played in helping your child to be prepared and ready.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Writer of the Week

Each week we will share a piece of writing belonging to our  "Writer of the Week"
The class will have helped the writer to "proof-read" their work and make it correct and have offered them some "editing" ideas to make it an even better piece of writing.  Once it reaches the blog it will be in it's "published" format.  Again, feel free to make comments as the children have enjoyed the few we've had so far.

Our first "Writer of the Week" is Lily:



At soccer on Sunday, I moved my legs as fast as they could go.  I zoomed across the field, trying to catch up with the ball.  Then... someone scored a goal.  Hooray!  It was my team.  One score for Alex!

One game down, one to go.

After the game, I was a... chicken on fire!  "Phewf" I was puffed.  Lucky we always get some oranges.  I was full with energy again and off I went, zoom!  One more game.

I saw Charlotte, we played a lot, even after all my zooming.   She was waiting for her brother.

Well, I think two people should get player of the day at soccer.

By Lily

Scripture Reading Eisteddfods

What a fantastic job everyone did.  Congratulations to you all.  Thank you parents for all the help you have given to your students.

The 3 people who will represent Year 3 at the assembly on Thursday afternoon are:
Casey, David and Mason.

Hayvin and Adam presenting their readings.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Week 11 Term 1

What a busy week we had last week which started with Monday morning prayer - we were all so impressed with your fantastic reading Mason and ended with our leading the Friday parish mass. Everyone stepped up to work as a team, with Alia making a really fantastic job of a difficult reading, then leading us with the offertory song. As we are all very keen to participate in the special jobs, I have a page where I am keeping careful track of who has done what so that these are shared throughout the year. We also had our class visit from Father Pat who shared with us the significance of "bread" in Bible stories, in both the Old and New Testaments. We talked about Moses and Elijah, which were less well known stories and of course as part of our learning about Jesus this term we knew about the loaves and the fishes as well as about the Passover meal and the significance of the bread in the Eucharist. Perhaps you could read some of these stories at home.

My apologies for no blog post last week - my internet at home kept cutting out and what I had done wasn't saved to put up when I arrived at school, which was an extremely busy week for me with BOT, netball registration, reading recovery in-service and I am also assisting with the Clyde drama "Noises Off".  Got your tickets? - it is a bit of a hoot, and anyone who has ever worked on a production will identify with so much of what is happening.  Back stage is often a dram in itself and someone has recognised this and written a script for entertainment.

Eisteddfods will be heard with Room 4 on Monday afternoon and after play on Tuesday. We need to present together as there is a cup for year 3 & 4 combined - it will take a bit longer to hear 44 readings.  Thank you for your support at home with preparing for this. The Eisteddfod Assembly will be on Thursday afternoon in the church please check the school newsletter for the time. Children presenting at this will be advised by Wednesday morning, I will post the names on the blog and they will also be published in the school newsletter. The choir and the school kapahaka groups will also be participating at this assembly.

This week our focus will be on Autumn, some super art has already been done with Mrs Waldron while I was at Reading Recovery In-service last week.  We will be thinking about "WOW" words which describe this special season.


  • Spelling - will be tooled on Tuesday ready for 3 days of learning - last week was a BIG RE week for us and we prepared and led mass at spelling time!
  • Reading - browse box books will come home for the first 2 days
  • R.E. - "Jesus Is Present In The Eucharist" home worksheet
Please make sure that your child has all their clothing each night - we have had to do a fair bit of chasing up over the last couple of weeks as people shed clothing as the day warms up.

Have a wonderful holiday - thank you so much for your support this term.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Morning Programme 8/4/2016

Each Monday the children and I look at the Blog so they can see what has been posted over the previous week especially for those who don't get to see it at home.  They absolutely love  reading snippets and of course looking at photos.  At the end of each blog entry is a section for comments.  It would be really great if you as parents made some comments for the children occasionally, especially on the "Morning Programme" entries and any other photos, children's work or summaries of classroom activities  (of course feel free to ask any questions or queries on the more formal entries also).  This would be a fantastic way to begin making this a more interactive site for all to enjoy. 

Well here goes todays Morning Programme Crew

First up today was:
Lars.  He spoke to us